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How would you like to get 12 months of outfit ideas (365 comfy looks) for 62% off?!

In just 3 minutes a day, the What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar will help you get dressed into something CUUUTE every day using the clothes you already own!

Just print it out,

hang it in your closet,

and have a different outfit assigned from your clothes

for each day of the week,

all year round... without thinking about it!

The what to wear outfit ideas calendar for moms 4th edition (2) - Copy

The What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar helps you find dozens of new ways to wear the clothes you already have in your closet so you can stop spending on clothes you don't actually wear!

And on this page it's 62% off!

Grab it for just $14.97!


*These are PDF files you can print at home, nothing will be mailed but you will be able to add a spiral bound hard copy after checkout if you wish*


"I can overcome my Frump!

As a Mom of 4 littles I usually wear sweats and sweatshirts, especially during Covid.  But even before Covid thinking about clothes and fashion was something I put on the back burner.  I just had too many things to do.  And not enough time or brain power to tackle the world of clothes.  

After my calendar, I actually feel like I can move from my sweats and sweatshirts into less “frumpy” outfits without getting overwhelmed by the task.

Thanks for making fashion simple! "

- Marie, Outfit Calendar Customer


Let me ask you a couple of questions...

  • Do you wear all the clothes in your closet?
  • Do you know at least 5 ways to wear every item in your closet?
  • Do you get dressed in less than 5 minutes every "normal day" in something other than leggings?
  • Can you plan out 7 unique but comfy outfit combinations to wear in 5 minutes or less?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, then the What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar can help you.

How Would It Feel To...

  • Have a cute but comfy outfit idea for every day of your week?
  • Find the gold in your closet so you can start dressing more stylishly without buying more clothes?
  • Be excited about getting dressed, even when you're just home with the kids?
  • To learn the keys to cute and comfy outfits so you can feel confident going out of the house?
  • Just glance and grab cute outfits from the clothes you already have?

You deserve to feel put together & confident without a second cup of coffee first.


What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar for Moms

outfit planner calendar easy outfit ideas for spring summer fall winter

In just 1 minute each day, you'll know how to use the clothes in your closet in DOZENS of new ways.

Just look at the "Outfit Formula" for the day and pull similar items from your closet!

You'll have a comfy, stylish, and complete look every day of the year!

The What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar

Over 365 Unique Outfit Ideas!

(and COMPLETE capsule wardrobe plan)

what you get - all printable pages

*These are PDF files you can print at home, nothing will be mailed but you will be able to add a spiral bound hard copy after checkout if you wish*

Value $79

Price $39.97

Just $14.97!

(62% off!!)

Feeling cute & stylish (even when you're home) doesn't have to be complicated.

What if you could find dozens of new ways to wear the clothes you already have in your closet?

What if you could get dressed more often without spending extra time finding something to wear?

What if you could feel more confident that you look stylish?

And stop changing your outfit 5 times before going out the door.

Would you feel more ready for your day?

Imagine starting your day in a better mood and therefore be more productive!

100% of moms we polled agreed that getting dressed improved their mood and productivity for the day!

I'll explain why we don't take advantage of getting dressed more often... and how to fix it!

Meet the Creator of the Outfit Calendar

Hi, I'm Corina! Wife and mama of four boys.

A few years ago, fashion was a struggle for me.

After becoming a mom, I didn't like what I had to wear. I'd go shopping to try to have more variety, but rarely wore much of what I bought.

I was stuck in a fashion rut. And I didn't feel confident about how I dressed.

Corina Frump Fighters Free Outfit Ideas for Moms

I started "Frump Fighters" to make fashion fun and easy again for us moms.

I didn't just want to be a fashion blogger that told you to buy a particular outfit.

I wanted to simplify fashion into a plug and play format so that ANYONE could start to feel stylish by following the formulas.

That's what you'll find in our popular What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar... a formula for getting dressed daily without thinking about it!

This Outfit Calendar shows you what kinds of clothes to look for (you probably have most in your closet already!) and then gives you 365+ ways to combine those items into stylish looks for everyday life!

Using the calendar, you'll get ready for the day more often because it's effortless.

As a result, you'll experience a boost in your mood and productivity!

How would your day improve if...

  • You could start to use more of the clothes you own and feel confident about how you styled them?
  • You didn't have to use brain power to find something to wear but felt put together anyway?
  • You were already dressed by breakfast time because it literally took less than 5 minutes to put on a cute outfit?

What are you waiting for, friend?! It's time to hit the easy button on getting dressed!!

Everything you get - all pages of the outfit calendar and capsule wardrobe plan



"It’s a cheat sheet to fashion! ❤️"

Love the calendar! It’s like a daily meal plan for your wardrobe. The calendar has helped remind me of combinations I’ve forgotten or hadn’t even considered before! Try it, you’ll love it!

- Meg, Outfit Calendar Customer


What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar!

example of monthly and weekly pages - printable calendar is undated

(did you know many office stores will do spiral binding on your printouts for around $3?)

You don't need the exact items listed.

You don't even need all the items on the list.

You just need to find the same kinds of items in your closet.

Do you have a neutral t-shirt?

How about dark wash jeans?

Light wash jeans?

A denim jacket?

Color pants?

And yes this INCLUDES a detailed checklist list of our full capsule wardrobe plan for moms!

pages from the capsule wardrobe plan essentials for women

This outfit calendar mixes and matches basics like these into cute but comfy outfits for all four seasons of the year!

(If you live in an especially hot 🔥🔥 or cold 🥶🥶 climate you can just stick to the winter or summer month's outfit ideas!)

Never again say "I have nothing to wear!"

And never again buy something only to have it hang unused in the closet!

compressed_outfit ideas for busy moms, casual outfit planner calendar everything you get, fall, winter, spring, summer outfits
Outfit planner blank month page and week pages printable

Let's Look At What You Get:

  • Wardrobe planner for every day of the year!
  • 12-month undated outfit calendar printable so you can use it for many years or in any part of the world.
  • Daily outfit idea broken up into four seasons of the year (365+ unique outfit combinations)
  • Monthly and weekly views so you can see the outfit at a glance but also get the full details on how to put each outfit together.

Tip: Want to spiral bind it? You can add a spiral bound copy after checkout or get it bound yourself for ~$3 at an office store!

compressed_outfit ideas for busy moms, casual outfit planner calendar everything you get, fall, winter, spring, summer outfits
Outfit planner blank month page and week pages printable
  • Blank outfit planning pages so you can plan your own outfits!
  • Month view page
  • Weekly view pages
  • Print as many months as you want
  • Our full, year-round wardrobe list of the kinds of items used so you can shop your closet and find the essentials you need + identify gaps in your closet
  • Several pages of details on what to look for in each kind of clothing item (you probably have most in your closet already!)
  • An easy, pre-filled shopping checklist to use when going through your closet or taking to the store
casual capsule wardrobe plan for fall winter spring and summer. printable checklist of essentials for women.
printable outfit calendar instructions
  • Detailed printing guide with options for printing at home or at an office store/print shop

You can also order a spiral-bound hard copy from us after checkout!

Value $79

Price $39.97

Just $14.97!

(62% off!!)

Hey Girl! I'm Corina.

I understand what it feels like to be unsure what's even in style anymore.

To go shopping and not know what to buy.

To buy things and end up not wearing them very much.

To wish you could feel put together but also comfy at the same time.

To feel torn between wanting to have some "me time" in the morning but also get out of jammies before the kids are up.

I've experienced all those things because I was not naturally stylish AND I've got four little boys who have each seemed to reduce my brain size by 10%! 😆

I also have a knack for making SOLUTIONS to problems.

I have an obsession for efficiency.

And I don't like to be limited in my choices.

That's why my What-to-Wear Outfit Calendar STREAMLINES your wardrobe without limiting your choices.

It's wildly popular in our shop because it does everything for you... delivers your shopping list (don't worry, you probably already have most of the basics!), shows you how to style cute outfits, AND spreads them out over the year for you without repeats!

Tops aren't even repeated in the same week so you don't need to do laundry mid-week!


Get ready to feel like you've got Cher's Closet from Clueless.

Our 30-Day Refund Promise!

We only want our customers 100% delighted with their purchase.

So we make this a NO RISK PURCHASE.

We're all so busy. You might not have time to read this whole page. (If you do, please tell me all your time-making secrets!)

You can buy this and try it out for 30 DAYS.

If after a month it doesn't help you get dressed more often and use more of your wardrobe we'll happily refund your money.

No questions asked!

When you click the "Yes! I want this!" button below, you'll be brought to a checkout page where you can enter in your payment information directly.

For this day forward, your clothing woes can be a thing of the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this make me buy a bunch of clothes?

The main purpose of this product is to help you use the clothes you already own. So while you will likely find several items on our wardrobe list you want to eventually buy, you can start by actually PURGING your closet of unneeded items and not buying anything new at all. Then as you budget allows you can shop with purpose, never buying things you won't use again!

Does this work for pregnant and nursing moms?

I (Corina) have used this through TWO of my pregnancies and am currently using it while nursing. So yes it does! You simply get maternity & nursing style of the clothes (we tell you which ones need to be maternity and which you can adapt).

How does this work if you don't know what's in everyone's closets?

Great question... the way it works is we have a standard wardrobe checklist that you use to "shop your closet" for wardrobe essentials. We keep the categories standard so you'll be able to find most of these essentials in your closet already.

For example: "Dark Wash Jeans", "Color Tee", "Sweatshirt", "Minimalist Earrings" etc! Then the calendar shows you all the ways those basics combine into cute outfits and spreads them out through the year.

You'll end up using what you own more, and you'll easily spot the gaps in your closet so that the next shopping trip is way more purposeful and no-brainer. If the outfit listed for a day includes an item you don't have yet, you either swap in what you do have or skip to another day. You'll be surprised how this pulls your closet together!

Does this work for plus size too?

Yes, we have moms of every shape and size using it and looking fab!

What if I’m over 40, will this still work for me?

Absolutely! A majority of our moms are actually in the 35-55 range. And we have many seniors using it too. The plan is flexible enough to adapt to your taste and style while still allowing the outfit formulas in the Outfit Guide to work beautifully.

Do you offer refunds? What if this doesn't work for me?

Yes, we will give you a refund within 30 days—no questions asked—if this doesn't work for you!

Is this a hard copy that is mailed to me or a printable PDF?

You are purchasing the printable PDF file that you can print at home or at an office store! We DO offer a spiral-bound hard copy we can mail to you which you can add after checkout!

The printable file means you'll be able to print it as many times as you like for the years to come!

Why is this so cheap? Is it a piece of junk or a scam?

Nope! This is one of our most popular products and has 5-star-rating in our shop!

The reason we're offering it at 62% off (for ONLY $14.97!) is because you're still getting to know us and we're confident this will kickstart your frump-fighting journey the right way.

the calendar in the shop actually costs much more

👆🏽 That's how much you'll usually pay for it! 👆🏽

Everything you get - all pages of the outfit calendar and capsule wardrobe plan
holding calendar of outfit ideas

You need to free up your brain in the morning.

And you also need to experience the free boost of positivity and energy you get from getting dressed every day.

Don't let this slip through your fingers and miss out on that one more day!

Let the Outfit Calendar help you.